Uzbekistan Office

Country Representative

2 Afrosiab Str. Barakat-Dalston 
JV Business Center 2nd. Floor,
Suite 69 100031-Tashkent-UZBEKISTAN

Phone : +998 71 252 67 79
: +998 71 252 67 81
Fax : +998 71 252 67 80
Gsm : +998 90 108 42 71
E-mail :


Ram Representative office in Uzbekistan is established in 1992 in Tashkent.

Since its first days, Ram Uzbekistan is actively promoting the sales of the Koç Group products in the Uzbek market. The exports of automotive and textile goods, foodstuffs, household appliances and medical equipment and the imports of metallic zinc had been accomplished by Ram Foreign Trade Inc. through its Representative Office in Tashkent.

In 1994, Ram Uzbekistan was involved in foundation of the TashKocAuto JV Company. The Company has been established to maintain and service the vehicles imported from Turkey and operate in the automotive sales.

In the period of 1996-1999 Ram Uzbekistan facilitated the establishment of the SamKocAuto automotive factory in Samarkand/Uzbekistan.

In coordination with the Business Development and Aviation Department in the Headquarters, Ram Uzbekistan provides sales consultancy services for Boeing Corporation Commercial Aircraft Group and Sikorsky Aircraft, also contributes to the formation of the airline fleet of National Aviation Company of Uzbekistan.