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Our Story

As a Koç Holding company, Ram Dış Ticaret A.Ş. was founded in 1970.

For over five decades, we, as “the school of foreign trade”, have been working with everything we have, on the way of contribution for the development of export in Turkey.

Along with our experience and know-how, we are always aspiring to be pioneer in the sector, continuing to lead the way with our modern and dynamic structure.

Our fundamental principles include aiming to be the “best” with a customer-oriented work strategy, giving due importance to human resources, always reminding ourselves that development starts with creating resources, adopting work ethics and integrity as the “essential” requirements, and becoming a world-wide player knowing that this would strengthen our country.


Our primary benefactors are our customers

Our priority is to create value for our customers, and to meet their expectations with high quality and consistency. Our duty is to protect our products and to stand by our customers during the post-sales operations.

Our goal is to always be the “best”

Our main goal is to be the “best” in quality, services, supply resources and dealer relations and in investment options presented with shareholders, and to protect this image we have built so far in public opinion. Our most fundamental principle to reach this goal is to undertake management in all the areas we are active in and always be the leader in the market.

Our most important capital is our human resources.

The quality of our products and services stems from the quality of our employees. In order to sustain Koç Group’s existence over the generations, we have chosen to attract and employ the best employees and mature human power, to benefit from the skills, power and creativity of our people at a maximum level, to increase their efficiency and enable development, and to create a working environment where cooperation and solidarity can grow.

We create resources for continuous development.

Our main principles include making necessary investments to ensure continuous services, providing the profits deserved by their capitals to the shareholders to encourage unification of small- and large-scaled savings, creating resources from activities to support economic and social development of our employees and society, and preventing waste by ensuring wise use of all resources.

We abide by outstanding work ethics and honest working principles.

Other fundamental principles we have include always being fair, well-intentioned, and understanding in all our relationships to ensure mutual benefits, and complying with the laws and moral codes. Fulfilling our liabilities against our current and future generations is another principle we have that we lead the way in and can never forsake. It is our duty to act in an environment-conscious way and to spread this consciousness for Turkey and our world.

We are empowered by Turkish economy and we empower Turkey

  • We are aiming to be the “best” with our customer-oriented work strategy.
  • Human resources are our most valuable asset.
  • We are aware that development depends on creating resources.
  • Work ethics and integrity are our “essentials”.
  • We deeply care about being a worldwide player, knowing that it will empower our country

Our Human Resources Principles

  • We prioritize employees’ motivation and loyalty to the organization.
  • We apply fair wage and rewarding system based on performance.
  • We provide a continuous training and self-development environment.
  • We make human power planning and organizational back up.
  • We enable individuals to systematically plan and develop their careers based on the organization’s needs.
  • We give feedbacks to individuals about their performances.
  • We create employment based on qualifications and needs.
  • We encourage social and cultural activities.

We value and respect the current diversities, believing that a work force bringing different cultures together would create the most efficient team. As an international company, we consider all citizens of a country as our potential customers.

In order to be successful in new markets, we work with a dynamic team that stands by our customers; that understands their needs and knows their cultures.

Ram family believes that “none of us can be as strong on our own, as much as we would be together”.

HR Values

We value that our teammates:

  • Adopt trust and honesty as principles,
  • Are self-confident
  • Are dynamic,
  • Know the importance of team spirit and collaboration,
  • Aim to be more than what they are,
  • Are visionaries,
  • Are focused on customer satisfaction.

Job and Internship Opportunities

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We adopt a sustainability policy structured around a consciousness to preserve ecological balance and resources. We focus on efficiency and know the importance of proactive precautions. We use every resource our world offers us, with the knowledge of our responsibility towards the world, environment, humanity, and future generations.

ISO 27001

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Ram Dış Ticaret A.Ş. was founded.

1973 – 1977

Started charter marine cargo shipments.


Penetrated into new markets in the Middle East. Fresh fruits/vegetables, grains and legumes were transported for the first time.


Trade activities in new markets started, including from automotive to industrial products, from textile to ready-made clothing, from fresh fruits/vegetables to dry food products.


Ram became a large-scaled export company in Turkey by exporting non-group companies’ products as well as Koç Group’s and its own products.


Started exporting textile products to the USA and iron-steel to Iran.

Eliminated the credit bottleneck by creating financing means for manufacturers.

Iran office was opened.


Comecon export-import group was founded to start importing from member countries.

Algeria office was opened.

Became a shareholder of Ramerica company.


Transit trade started.


Ram-Deutschland was founded for commercial activities.


Hungary offices were opened within the framework of foreign restructuring activities.


Ram France was founded.


Became a partner of Arnes founded in England.

The company’s name was later changed to Beko (UK) Ltd.


RAMTORG in Moscow, TASHKOCAUTO in Tashkent, and RAM & KOFISA PACIFIC LTD. in Hong Kong started their operations.

Ram Sigorta Aracılık Hizmetleri A.Ş. was founded and Ram Dış Ticaret A.Ş. became a founding partner.


The supermarkets chain “Migros” expanded abroad under the name of “Ramstore”.

First “Ramstore” was opened in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Ram-Enka Ltd. partnership was founded in Moscow, Russia which company is operated in the supermarket industry.

Ram Auto Ltd. was founded in Baku, Azerbaijan in automotive marketing industry while Set Auto Ltd. partnerships were formed in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan for car rental services.


Import and domestic sales activities for plastic and paper units were started.

Import and distributorship agreements were signed with Ford Motor Co. USA.

Ram Auto Almaty was founded in Kazakhstan as an automotive marketing company.

The second “Ramstore” store and shopping center were opened in Moscow.

Ram-Henkel Ltd. companies were founded in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in 1998.


SamKoçAuto Factory was officially opened in Samarkand by Koç Group and Uzavtosanoat to manufacture midibuses and trucks.

Ram Man Gıda Ticaret A.Ş. was established as a partnership with the British ED&F Man.

Beko Polska S.A. in Poland was affiliated with 25% of share.

Tunusdan S.A.’s activities were commenced in Tunisia, a company which was established with 5% of Ram partnership to manufacture refrigerators.

A Ramstore was opened in Kazakhstan with Butya partnership.

Ram Auto Netherlands and Ram Henkel Netherlands companies were established in order to bring our distributing companies in Central Asia together under the same umbrella.

For Koç Group’s consumption, bulk purchasing activities from Ereğli Iron and Steel Factories (Erdemir) has begun.


As a result of Foreign Trade Group’s undertaking and planning, our company became a partner to TNT Lojistik ve Dağıtım Hizmetleri A.Ş., which was founded with TNT Post Group’s partnership.


130 Ford Cargo trucks and 522 Otokar armored vehicles were sold to Uzbekistan and Algeria respectively.

Sales contracts were signed with Iraq for 200 Fruehauf fuel tankers, TVs and compressors, and 250 thousand Aygaz LPG tanks.

35 thousand water heaters were exported to Egypt.


Became Boeing’s Middle East representative.


As part of restructuring, Ram Dış Ticaret A.Ş.’s affiliate companies were transferred.


230 Ford Cargo trucks and 100 Ford Transit ambulances were sold to Iraq.


A tender was won in super-structured vehicles and Ram became the UN supplier.


Unleaded fuel export to Iraq started.


2-year-long diesel export to Iraq started.

Started importing fresh fruits from Central and South America.


A new contract was signed to ship petroleum products to Iraq, and the shipments started.

Automotive and automotive parts export continued to Algeria and neighboring countries.


111 Ford Cargo super-structured trucks were sold to Iraq.

A contract was signed with the American “Sikorsky Aircraft” company in the aviation industry for sales and post-sales services in civil and military projects in Turkic Republics.


172 Ford Cargo trucks were exported to Turkmenistan.

An agreement was signed with Borçelik A.Ş. in order to expand the scope of Koç Group’s flat steel products supply, and we started to supply products as of the second quarter of the year.

In addition to the representative agencies in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan, post-sales services contracts were signed with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.


RAM became Turkey and abroad supplier for United Nations organizations.

The tender for minibuses funded by the European Union was won.

135 Ford Transit minibuses were delivered to the directorates of Ministry of Family and Social Policies in 77 Turkish cities.

We continued our activities as the representative of Boeing and Sikorsky in the aviation industry, and the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner models, groundbreakers in aviation, were delivered to Azerbaijan Airlines.


The tender announced by the American Department of Defense for Iraq was won.

Scope of iron/steel activities was expanded and import activities from Tata Steel started.


A long-term contract was signed with UN.


Vehicle supply tenders initiated by UN organizations in order to donate to Turkish public enterprises were won, and mobile command centers and mobile kindergarten deliveries were made.