Our Fields of Activity

Foreign Trade Operations

Our operation department provides services in import, export, customs clearance, legislations, and logistics. By undertaking the operational process of all kinds of foreign trade activities, we ensure the process is completed flawlessly. With five decades of experience, we develop solutions compatible with business needs for private sector manufacturers and consignees, namely Koç Group companies.

While we take steps to set sector standards in all projects that are completed by our skilled and expert team, we support all foreign trade activities to maximize profit potential and create value for products, resources, advertisement and to reach out to bigger markets.

Financial Services

As a Foreign Trade Capital Company for 50 years, we have been optimally using our domestic and abroad resources that are needed to finance foreign trade. We also act as an intermediary for supplier and consignee loans to provide funding for commercial loans via both Turkish and foreign banks for both Turkish Lira and foreign currencies with our various services including VAT return advantages in terms of tax legislation, Eximbank loan benefits, export loans, Eximbank insurance, and follow-up of export goods prices in terms of foreign exchange law. We ensure that financing receivables are covered by insurance and that they are deferred. Also provide insurance covering for financial receivables arising from export and trade, and payment plan constitution for them.

We consider our financial services together with our operational processes to provide end-to-end solutions by creating a difference when compared to other institutions.

Overall Trade

  • We have been working on Humanitarian Aid products for many years now. We procure various materials for humanitarian aid organizations from various countries all around the world, starting with our neighbors that require the need.

    We deliver many convenience goods to various aid organizations on 6 continents since 2013.

  • Automotive industry is one of our traditional business branches with Koç Group as the market leader in the domestic market. In addition to our experience, we commence successful operations with the wide product range we have in export.

    Super-structured Vehicles

    We meet the expectations of the market in various places around the world with our wide product range that is diversified based on the business branch needs, and we successfully export super-structured vehicles with our 45-year-long experience.

  • We export Ramagri branded agricultural tools to all around the world as part of our durable goods operations and contribute to increase in production rate.

  • With almost 50-year-worth of experience, we provide all kinds of support and market information for producers who want to export food products to their natural markets.

    We continue growing by increasing our product and market variety each day.

  • We structure our business development policy around export-based growth, around having a voice in world trade, and around strategical investments that will not only create financial values, but also future-shaping values. With daring moves, we discover new markets with a potential and generate solutions that focus on the need of companies and customers.

Purchasing an Iron-Steel Center

We provide services for Koç Group’s companies that are flat steel users and for their sub-industrialists via a central purchasing system.

This way, we are able to procure flat steel, which is an important element of production for leader companies in white appliances, automotive, energy, and food sectors, with maximum benefits within the current market conditions through a group synergy.

Our business unit working to this end continues to provide uninterrupted and high-quality services within the framework of the contracts signed with Ereğli Demir ve Çelik Fabrikaları T.A.Ş, which is a known and respected brand in flat steel.